General Meetings

On an annual basis, delegates from clubs all over the world meet to discuss issues and topics relevant to Front Runners and their clubs. Until 1999, these meetings (formerly called "Front Runner Forums") were held every other year; since our Constitution was adopted in 1999, these meetings are held annually. Links to minutes of those International Front Runner General Meetings are available below:

2013 Antwerp, BELGIUM.
2012 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
2011 Austin, Texas, USA.
2010 Cologne, GERMANY.
2009 Copenhagen, DENMARK.
2008 New York, New York, USA.
2007 Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.
2006 Chicago, Illinois, USA.
2005 San Francisco, California, USA.
2004 Seattle, Washington, USA.
2003 Boston, Massachusetts, USA.   pdf
2002 Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.   pdf
2001 Special Meeting. Electronic format.   pdf
2001 San Diego, California, USA.   pdf
2000 Berlin, GERMANY.   pdf
1999 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.   pdf
1997 Orlando, Florida, USA.
1995 San Francisco, California, USA.
1993 Washington, D.C., USA.
1992 Long Beach, California, USA.*
1991 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.
1989 Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1987 Chicago, Illinois, USA.

* a Forum-like discussion held during the International Frontrunners Invitational (IFI) weekend