Saturday - April 22, 1989

The International Frontrunners Forum II was called to order by Craig R. at 8:35 A.M.

WELCOME TO CHICAGO - Larry D., President of Frontrunners Chicago, extended a welcome to all representatives and invited all of the Forum reps and their friends to attend the social events that have been scheduled for the Forum weekend.

INTRODUCTIONS - By the representatives:
Craig R. - Chicago
John W. - Philadelphia
Keith M. - Boston
Rich D. - Philadelphia
Alden C. - Boston
Richard M. - Houston
George H. - Baltimore
Donald W. - Toronto
Chuck G. - D.C.
Bill P. - Long Beach
Bob C. - San Diego
Sue E. - San Diego
Peg G. - Chicago
Barry A. - Chicago
Bill A. - Los Angeles
Bill W. - Los Angeles
Tim C. - San Francisco
Jim M. - San Francisco
Mike M. - San Francisco
Alexandria E. - Seattle
Bob R. - Vancouver
Jay D. - Portland
Mickey Z. - New York
Richard W. - New York
Lenore B. - New York
Dan K. - Minneapolis
Jim R. - Kansas City
Fred P. - Kansas City
Mark Z. - Chicago
Miguel - Denver
Larry D. - Chicago
Bridget W. - Denver
Norm S. - Chicago

Craig R. explained the procedures to be followed during Forum II.

Craig reviewed the main accomplishments of Forum I, which was held on April 4, 1987 in Chicago. First, there would be an informal affiliation of the Frontrunner clubs. Second, there was an agreement to exchange information and to be a part of the organization but there were no dues, no ground rules, and no bylaws. Third, a convention for all Frontrunners was scheduled for New York.

The following proposals resulted from the convention:

  1. Communication: That the clubs update each other through their newsletters or send letters to other clubs stating their officers and address changes.
  2. Clearinghouse: Establish an International Frontrunners clearinghouse, that Frontrunners New York would remain the unofficial clearinghouse until this issue was resolved at Forum II.
  3. Representative: Every club will have a representative to coordinate all information between the clubs and the Forum and to keep their club's members apprised of the activities of other clubs.
  4. Frontrunners Chicago was requested to host International Frontrunners Forum II with the following agenda items:


Keith M. - Boston, Agenda Coordinator
Alden C. - Boston
George H. - Baltimore
Richard M. - Houston
Rich D. & John W. - Philadelphia
Don W. - Toronto

DISCUSSION: The discussion focused on the use of a clearinghouse to foster communication among the various Frontrunners clubs, to share experiences about club structure and organization, sponsorship of races, calendar of events, and membership issues.

Formulate a packet to assist new clubs to have access to basic information, such as:

* * * *

MOTION I: I move that Jim M. of Frontrunners San Francisco be the clearinghouse to solicit from all Frontrunners clubs twice a year the following information: To update their officers, provide weekly and monthly running schedules, and produce semiyearly a calendar of events.

Motion made by: Bill W. - Los Angeles Motion seconded by: John W. - Philadelphia Vote Result: Motion carried unanimously.

Clarification: Each club has the responsibility to follow up and make sure the information is received promptly by the clearinghouse.

* * * *

MOTION II - I move that Frontrunners Boston be made responsible for developing the guidelines to assist new clubs in their formation.

Motion made by: Richard W. - New York Motion seconded by: Alden C. - Boston Vote Result: Motion carried unanimously.

Recess 10:00 A.M. - 10:30 A.M.



Larry D. - Chicago [Agenda Coordinator]

Larry presented to the Forum some of the promotion techniques that have been used by Frontrunners Chicago and offered suggestions for some of the newer clubs in terms of promotion and marketing:

*** TEAM CHICAGO: As part of the Chicago Arts and Athletics Festival Frontrunners Chicago is sponsoring EXTRACKAGANZA, a track event. Everyone is invited to attend during the July 4th weekend. Further information will be made available. ***

Additional promotional and marketing techniques that are being successfully used by other Frontrunner clubs were suggested:

Don W. - Toronto: Distributing pamphlets in book stores and community centers, listing in social service directories, contact gay phone lines, radio stations that offer gay programming.

Mickey Z. - NYC: Stress in all advertising and publicity that women are welcomed and wanted.

Dan K. - Minneapolis: Annual race followed by a membership picnic.

Lenore B. - NYC: Frontrunners New York participates in the Community Center which holds an orientation every three months for newcomers to New York. Holds running clinics on various aspects of beginning running. Main recruiting event is the annual race.

Richard W. - NYC: A Masters Run for runners over forty years old. Also consider special runs, such as, women's runs and beginners' runs.

Jay D. - Portland: Business cards for members to give to someone seeking information about Frontrunners.

Bob R. - Vancouver: Treat new members to brunch after the fun run.

Jim M. - San Francisco: Successful source of recruitment is the gay runs which center around street fairs, invite other sports clubs.

Bob C. -San Diego: Sponsors AIDS Pledge Run.

Bridget W. - Denver: Male and female co-chairs and co-officers, beneficial for recruiting women.

Bill P. - Long Beach: Major recruitment effort is through the Gay Directory of Long Beach. Business cards with the club's logo and information about the runs.

Chuck G. - DC: The club participates in a particular 10K, which creates visibility of the club among the running community.

George H. - Baltimore: Sports medicine clinic offers speakers for the club. Membership cards, some stores will offer discounts.

Richard M. - Gay Pride Bar Run, an official event of Gay Pride week (include women's bars].

Alden C. - Boston: Gay pride Run and benefit runs with pledges. Gift baskets at Christmas time for people with AIDS. Neighborhood pride run: Once a month pick out a different neighborhood to run.

Rich D. - Philadelphia: Newsletter is sent to all first-time participants for three months.

Peg G. - Chicago: Set up tables at races with Frontrunners shirts and brochures. Cross training with other athletic groups.


Send each member of your club a birthday card.

Dog and Pony Show - A slide show and stretching clinic.

Session II ended at 12:00 P.M.



Presented by: Dan K. - Minneapolis

In Minneapolis the Gay Pride Run has become a fundraiser for the community, for AIDS related activities.

First decide who the beneficiary will be. After the beneficiary is selected solicit companies that advertise in the gay press who might want to help sponsor the race, and offer them space on T-shirts for advertising.

Prepare race brochures, posters, and applications. Letter to prospective sponsors. Send press releases to the local gay papers and some of the straight newspapers.

Promote the race by doing a mass mailing, with the assistance of the beneficiary, and to all the participants who have run past races.

Make the race applications available in all stores and running outlets and bars with the pledge information on the back.

Contact businesses for prizes for the race, prizes for the top fund raisers, for placement in the actual competition itself; free bottled water, yogurt, fruit, and gift certificates from some of the local gay businesses. (Major sponsors are the bars.]

Costs involved in organizing the race: T-shirts, surplus shirts can be sold at other activities. Race applications are $10, or $12 on the day of the race. Additional expenses are: park permit and insurance, equipment rented from local running organization.


Presenters: Bridget W. - Denver
Miguel - Denver
Peg G. - Chicago

The following ideas were suggested to aid Frontrunners Clubs in the recruitment of women:

Target Women: Publicize in publications catering to lesbians and at women's music festivals.

Special Women's Activities: Plan special events for - women such as picnics, brunches, and runs for women.


Bob R. - Vancouver

Individual memberships for Celebration '90 are available for $10.00, to support Gay Games III. Applications will be made available.

No formal sessions of the Forum were scheduled during Gay Games III. All Frontrunners were invited to an afternoon picnic hosted by Vancouver Frontrunners.

Frontrunners Seattle offered transportation and accommodations to Frontrunners who may be traveling through Seattle to Vancouver. Invitations will be sent to each club.


Presented by Richard W. - NYC

Brent Earl began the American Run for the End of AIDS in May of '85 through the US and Canada to raise funds in individual cities for AIDS education and housing for people with AIDS. The run is over, however AREA still exists. If an individual city desires to do an AIDS run you may continue to use the AREA name and logo in promotion with your own city. Write to Brent E. in care of New York Frontrunners.


Presented by Chuck G. - Washington D.C.

Chuck presented the following definition of International Frontrunners to the Forum:

"International Frontrunners is the interaction between Frontrunners clubs made up of members of the individual clubs to interact with other clubs as representatives for their own clubs. The purpose of International Frontrunners is to create fraternal continuity amongst Frontrunners worldwide."

There followed extensive discussion on defining International Frontrunners.

MOTION III: I move to define International Frontrunners as an informal affiliation of Frontrunner clubs which shares information, supports new clubs and holds special events.

Motion made by Richard W. - NYC. Motion seconded by Lenore B. - NYC Vote Result: Motion carried unanimously


Presenters: Dave I. - Chicago
Peg G. - Chicago

As part of Celebration '90, Team Chicago Arts and Athletics volunteers are participating in such sports as track and field, racketball, marathon, and swimming. Frontrunners Chicago will be organizing the track events. All Frontrunners are invited to Chicago during the 4th of July weekend, accommodations will be provided. Applications must be received by June 1st.


MOTION III: I move that Forum 3 be held in Toronto in April of 1991.

Motion made by Donald W. - Toronto

Motion seconded by Jim M. - San Francisco. Motion unanimously carried.

Proposed Agenda Ideas:

* * * *

MOTION 4: I move that southern California host an event upon its board's approval in July to October of 1992 or early 1993, that would be to similar to what was held in New York.

Motion made by Bill W. - Los Angeles Motion seconded by John W. - Philadelphia

Vote Result: Motion carried unanimously.

Closing remarks by Craig R.

Adjourned at 4:45 P.M.

Recorded by Barry A. - Frontrunners Chicago

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