Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
Toronto, Ontario
April 20, 1991

BOSTON        Keith M.; Sara S.
BUFFALO       Bill K.; Steve M.
CALGARY       Ken W.
CHICAGO       David R.; Craig R.
D.C.          Tony A.; Brad S.
LONG BEACH    Brian E.; Stan W.
LOS ANGELES   Bill A.; Bill W.
NEW YORK      Aaron A.; Greg V.
SAN DIEGO     Bob C.; Larry D.
SEATTLE       Julie A.
TORONTO:      Ray B.; Steve V.

CHAIR:        Donald W.; Toronto
RECORDER:     Ray W.; Toronto

  1. Forum Opening

    Donald W. called the meeting to order; followed by the introduction of the all the delegates. A special welcome was extended to the 2 newest clubs: Buffalo and Calgary.

  2. Welcome to Toronto

    Ray B., President, Frontrunners Toronto, extended a welcome to all delegates and invited them to a day of enthusiastic participation.

  3. The Spirit of the Forum
    [Craig R. and David R. - Frontrunners Chicago]

    Craig R. outlined the history of the Forum and emphasized the need to continue to be inspired toward future endeavours. He also emphasized the importance of shared information, new club support and participation in future events. Important challenges yet to be met include involving women as an integral part of Frontrunners, the development of Frontwalkers and the possible development of an international newsletter.

  4. Club Administration - Ways to a Stronger Club
    [Craig and David; Chicago]

    David R. discussed ways in which membership could be increased:


    Chicago has about 185 walkers; David indicated that walkers should become a more visible segment. About 6 clubs have walkers. The point that injured runners could become walkers was also discussed. Concern was expressed that adding walkers might take away from the image that Frontrunners is primarily a running club. It was noted that it is up to individual clubs to decide whether walkers are to be included in their membership; i.e. there is no international policy.

    Women's Membership:

    The importance of having an active core group of women as a part of the club was discussed. Needs and expectations of all members must be met. San Diego indicated its club has a woman co-chair policy. It was agreed that every club must listen to the needs of its women members and recognise that they may vary from club to club.

    Craig described his model for identifying membership requirements and building a strong club:



  5. Starting a New Club - Help From Frontrunners
    [Keith M. - Frontrunners Boston]

    Keith M. circulated the Club-Starter package prepared by Frontrunners Boston. Everyone agreed that it is an excellent resource. Keith indicated that Boston will continue to update and publish the package.

    It was agreed that a package would be circulated to each club which, in turn, would be responsible for copying and distribution to prospective clubs/inquirers in its area. Keith circulated an order sheet for those clubs requiring a copy of the package [printing cost $5.00].

  6. Frontrunners Clearing House
    [Marie M. - Front Runners San Francisco]

    San Francisco will continue to publish the international directory. Jim M. will be the member responsible for producing the directory in the spring of each year.

    It was agreed that there should be a "current data" indicator showing the date of the latest confirmation of the information. To avoid duplicate mailings, it was agreed that Jim's requests for updated club information would also include requests from Boston pertaining to information updates for the "Club Starter Package". Boston and San Francisco will liaise to coordinate the updates.

  7. Special Events

    Club delegates described a number of upcoming club events. It was noted that members should confirm dates and times well in advance if travelling to other cities; changes mav have been made since newsletters were published.

    [Greg V. and Aaron A. - Front Runners New York]

    Greg V. reported that Games IV is in a preliminary organizational state. Concerns/suggestions regarding the Vancouver Games were discussed, e.g. advancing the marathon to the beginning of the week; duration of the opening ceremonies (too long]; inadequate marshalling of races. It was agreed that Front Runners New York represent all Frontrunners clubs regarding the organization of running events. The presidents of the other clubs would offer their support for recommendations made by New York if required.

    It was also agreed that Frontrunners International would be willing to sponsor a major social event to celebrate Unity in '94. Boston, Washington, New York and Philadelphia offered to research this idea and to develop a proposal in time for discussion at the California convention in 1992. Boston will investigate locations (e.g. Rainbow Room] and Washington will research banner costs.

  9. California Convention '92
    [Brian E. - Shoreline Frontrunners and Bill W. -Frontrunners of Greater Los Angeles]

    Following a spirited presentation by Brian E. and Bill W., it was agreed that California Convention '92 will be held on the Presidents' Day Weekend, February 15-17, 1992 in Long Beach, California. The organization of this event will be shared by Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.

    It was agreed that the event should not be a track and field meet but a social and road running event, reflective of Frontrunners' usual activities. It was also agreed that all clubs should promote the event aggressively to ensure its success. Brian solicited assistance in any form, e.g. T-shirt design, printing companies, club financial contributions relative to the size of the club, convention presentations by club members, submission of any ideas as to what California could present/provide.

  10. Other Issues

    Frontrunners Philadelphia solicited feedback re the issue of harassment along running routes. Other clubs had not identified this as a problem.

    San Diego reported on their Frontrunners Guest Book

    Toronto noted the possibility of utilizing computer bulletin boards for international messaging; Donald W. is on the GAYCOM network.

  11. Future Forums/Conventions

    There was unanimous agreement that events like the Forum and international conventions MUST continue. The Frontrunners DC delegation offered to host the next Forum in April 1993, subject to confirmation by the Club [since confirmed].

    Agenda items suggested for 1993 included - growth and development; communication/networking; outreach -women and minorities; review of California '92; preparations for Unity in '94; new clubs progress.

  12. Adjournment

    With a flourish of appreciation to Frontrunners Toronto, Frontrunners International - Forum '91 was adjourned at 4:30 p.m. to be followed by an evening of socialising and friendly competition in the Pointe to Pointe 10K race on April21.

  13. Next Meeting

    Long Beach, California
    February 1992

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