International Front Runner Forum
Saturday, May 1, 1993

Regional Interactions

Representatives from Chicago, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles explained what they do for their weekends. The events include both runs and other activities.

It was suggested that the directory of all clubs include information on the activities of these special weekends.

There was a discussion of the financing of the events.

Philadelphia suggested a more active role of Front Runners in big races and that these races should be advertised to the other clubs more prominently.

Summary: Regional events should be communicated to all the clubs, perhaps via a calendar of events. An appropriate method would be to split the world into 4 areas. One club in each area would be responsible for a detailed directory that would include dates for special weekends and other notable events.

New Clubs

The discussion focused on how the established clubs can help the development of new clubs and how we keep up with clubs that "sprout up," that is, come into existence on their own.

Boston has a starter package for prospective new clubs, but many of the established clubs don't know about this. Boston explained what is included in the package, such as the history of the Front Runners and other material. A fee of $5 is collected from the requesting club to cover the cost of reproduction and mailing of the document.

It was asked whether Boston would continue with this activity. Boston agreed to continue to send the packet to sources asking for the information directly or upon the request of an established club.

It was suggested that a follow-up letter be sent to determine whether a club had been established as a result of receiving the informational packet.

Front Runner Directory

San Francisco suggested that responsibility for maintaining the directory be regionalized. They will continue to publish the directory.

Four clubs volunteered to be in charge of a large region:

It was agreed that a standard format should be used by the four clubs to collect the information and that this should include (at a minimum) key contacts, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and calendar of major events.

(A map of the regions and a sample of the questionnaire that will be used by the four clubs are attached.)

Outreach to Women and Minorities

There is an assumption that all Front Runner clubs are primarily Gay White Males. The question is whether the perception and the reality can be changed. Several clubs offered specific observations and detailed club activities:

Outreach issues were the principal focus of this discussion but were mentioned in all the discussions before. It was expected that they would continue to be brought up later.

Unity '94 - Gay Games IV

The venues and the volunteers have not yet been established for Track and Filed and for the Marathon. New York Road Runners is involved in the planning.

New York FR will have an introductory run. New York will also try to open its homes to runners (not necessarily members of Front Runner clubs) and needs to hear from the other clubs how many people will be coming.

Chicago had heard that the Unity '94 packet will be sent out in September.

Clubs should try to acquire hotel rooms through the team from their own city. Clubs should join Unity '94.

Front Runner clubs should put on an event (a party) at the Games to get our name out to the greater gay community and (perhaps) to make money for the sponsoring clubs. A party was planned on a boat to sail through New York harbor but the boat has been sold and is no longer available.

Philadelphia proposed that any proceeds from the party be donated to organizations that benefit gay youths.

A motion was made to plan party at the Games to be sponsored by International Front Runners. The motion was seconded and carried.

A motion was made that any profit from the party would go to Gay Games IV. The motion was seconded and carried.

A motion was made that the party's admission be limited to $30 so that it would be affordable. The motion was seconded. The motion was amended to state that the cost be "reasonable" and was passed as amended.

The organizers will continue to search for a site to hold a large party.

International Front Runner Invitational 1996

Frontrunners Toronto volunteered to host the next IFI in 1996. They presented a proposal that highlights Toronto's many cultural and sports attractions. They suggested that it could be held either Canada's Victoria Day weekend in mid- May, the U.S. Memorial Day weekend in late may, or the Canada Thanksgiving and U.S. Columbus Day weekend in mid-October. Average temperatures are about the same for all three weekends.

A motion was made to accept the invitation from Toronto. The motion was seconded and carried.

A motion was made to accept the October date. The motion was seconded and carried.

Pledge Runs (Fundraising)

Several clubs discussed their activities that raise funds for charitable organizations:

Pride Runs

Several clubs discussed their runs or races around their local Pride Days:

Budget and Expenses

Several clubs discussed their operating expenses and their dues:

International Front Runner Forum 1995

The previous forums have been held in Chicago (twice), Toronto, and Washington.

Boston volunteered but a suggestion was made that the next forum should be in a city geographically removed from the fairly small area of the past. The Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco clubs all said that they could host the next forum and they each made a brief presentation.

A motion was made to hold the next forum in San Francisco. The motion was seconded and carried.

A motion was then made that, in the event that San Francisco's membership did not wish to host the 1995 forum, that Boston will become the host club. The motion was seconded and carried.

Open Discussion

  1. International Front Runner Logo.

    Tampa brought up the subject of an IFR logo. A motion was made to develop a logo and to unveil it at the Gay Games in 1994. The motion was seconded and carried. Frontrunners Boston will issue guidelines on designs for the logo that will cover the need for diversity and for a gay theme to be incorporated into the design. Designs for the logo may be sent directly to Boston or may be sent through the regional club. Boston will assemble a panel of graphic artists to judge the entries.

  2. Publicity Efforts.

    Tampa also brought up the notion of an IFR committee that would work on publicity in both gay and running publications. A motion was made to have representatives from the IFR. regions form a public relations/publicity committee. The motion was seconded and carried.

  3. IFR.

    New York asked whether IFR should be a more formal organization. No conclusion was reached.

  4. Race Walking.

    New York asked whether clubs had race-walking contingents. Chicago has an active group and other clubs said they have individual members who race walk.

  5. Notice from other Clubs.

    Dallas had included a question in its newsletter that only one club acted on. The issue was thus raised whether there is a more effective way to have issues addressed by other clubs. It was suggested that these kinds of questions need to be sent in separate mailings.

  6. Miscellaneous Questions.

    Honolulu asked Chicago to find out how to obtain race results by age group from the marathon at Gay Games III in Vancouver. They also asked who to contact to invite President Clinton to run with them The group provided suggestions on both issues.

  7. Wrap-Up.

    It was agreed that a list of the attendees with addresses and phone numbers will be provided to the attendees and a summary of the meeting will be provided to all the clubs.

International Front Runner Forum
Saturday, May 1, 1993


Boston		Kevin O. and Alden C.
Chicago		Karla S. and Bill G.
Dallas		Richard P.
Denver		Michael T.
Long Beach	Stan W.
Los Angeles	Mark P.
New York	Sandra L. and Charles W.
Orlando		Michael R.
Philadelphia	John W. and Debbie K.
San Diego	Ben F.
San Francisco	John D.
Tampa		Craig L. and Richard B.
Toronto		Wade H. and Richard L.
Washington	Matthew N. and Maryann K.

Moderator	Tony A. (Washington)
Guest Presenter	Keith M. (Boston)
Recorders	Jose C. and Warren S. (Washington) 

Other Support and Coordination
		Chuck G. and Brad S. (Washington)

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