International Front Runners is an affiliation of Frontrunners clubs which promotes the sports of running, walking and related athletic activities for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders and their supporters; which supports the formation activities of Front Runner clubs; which supports communications between FrontRunners clubs and the wider community; which facilitates inter-club events; and which selects delegates who represent IFR to other organisations.



    This constitution sets out the rules of the International Front Runners ("IFR") - a not for profit organization. IFR includes clubs known as Front Runners, Frontrunners, or FrontRunners.


    In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) The singular includes the plural and vice versa.

(b) "Steering Committee" means the governing body of International Front Runners.

(c) "Member Club" means a club recorded as such in the Register.

(d) "Honorary Member" means an individual who has been granted membership without application or payment of fees.

(e) "Register" means the Register of Member Clubs and Honorary Members including relevant information.

(f) "Frontrunner Activities" includes athletics, distance running, walking, and related athletic and social activities.

(g) "month" means calendar month.

(h) "year" means IFR financial year.

(i) "Organisational Delegate" means a delegate who represents IFR to another organisation.


    The aims and objectives of IFR are:

3.1 Encourage Frontrunner Activities

      To encourage, foster and develop interest and participation in Frontrunner Activities.

3.2 Oversee Relevant Sports

      To oversee the organisation of athletics, both track and field events, walking, and distance runs including marathons, at International/National Gay and Lesbian sporting events.

3.3 Affiliate Widely

      In pursuit of this aim, to liaise, deal or affiliate with other bodies, both in the lesbian and gay community and the wider community internationally.

3.4 Encourage Gender Parity

      To develop the activities, organisation and structure of IFR to strive towards gender parity.

3.5 Encourage Membership

      To encourage and foster formation and enrollment of Member Clubs.


4.1 Member Clubs

      Any club engaged in Frontrunner Activities and interested in pursuing the aims and objectives of IFR may apply for membership.

4.2 Honorary Members

      The status of Honorary Member may be conveyed upon an individual by the membership at an Annual General Meeting ("AGM") following the recommendation by the Steering Committee, in consideration of that person's special or outstanding service to IFR.


5.1 Applications for Membership

      The Steering Committee will require applications for membership to be in a particular format.

5.2 Consideration of Applications

      As soon as practicable after receiving an application, the Secretary must place it before the Steering Committee for determination. Where the Steering Committee votes to accept an application (by simple majority), the applicant club’s name will be entered in the Register. The Secretary or Treasurer shall so inform the Member Club. An applicant club becomes a Member Club only after acceptance by the Steering Committee.

5.3 Rejected Applications

      An application for membership may be rejected if the Steering Committee considers that the applicant does not fully support the aims and objectives of IFR. Where the Steering Committee votes to reject an application, the Secretary must inform the applicant club of the reason for rejection. Rejected applicants may appeal at the next AGM.


6.1 Termination

      A Member Club ceases to be a Member Club of IFR when that Member Club ceases to exist or is expelled from membership due to non-payment of annual fees or failure to pursue the aims and objectives of IFR. An Honorary Member ceases to be an Honorary Member of IFR when that person's membership is terminated at an AGM.

6.2 Resignation

      A Member Club or an Honorary Member may resign from membership by giving notice in writing to the Secretary. The resignation shall take effect on the day it is received by the Secretary. A resigning Member Club or Honorary Member must tender with the resignation letter any outstanding subscriptions and/or other money owing to IFR.

6.3 Right of Appeal

      Any Member Club or Honorary Member whose membership has been terminated may appeal to the next AGM Meeting of IFR.


7.1 Liability of Member Clubs

      The liability of a Member Club of IFR to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of IFR or the cost, charges and expenses of the winding up of IFR is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the Member Club in respect of joining fees, annual subscriptions and any other money properly due and payable by the Member Club in return for goods and/or services purchased from IFR.

7.2 Liability of IFR

      IFR is not responsible for obligations/liabilities of Member Clubs.


8.1 Amounts Payable

      The annual subscription payable by a Member Club will be set by two-thirds vote of the Member Clubs at the Annual General Meeting referred to in Clause 11.1.

8.2 Annual Subscriptions

      The Treasurer shall invoice all Member Clubs on the Register within two (2) months prior to the start of the IFR Financial year. Annual subscriptions shall be due and payable within two (2) months after the issuing of these invoices. The Steering Committee will establish policy and procedures to equitably address non-payment of annual subscriptions.

8.3 Other Fees

      Member Clubs, by a two-thirds vote at an AGM or Special General Meeting, may authorize the Steering Committee to determine additional fees.

8.4 Budget

      The Treasurer shall present an annual budget at the AGM.


9.1 Composition

      The affairs and management of IFR shall be under the control of the Steering Committee, which shall consist of six (6) Regional Representatives as voting members. Postions may be added to the Steering Committee by a two-thirds majority vote at an AGM or a Special General Meeting.

9.2 Regional Representatives

      Current IFR regions of the world have been defined as: - Canada, Eastern USA, Central USA, Western USA, Europe, and Southern Hemisphere. Additional regions may be added as Frontrunner Clubs are established in those regions. Regions may be formally added at an AGM by the Steering Committee. One representative from within each region is to be elected to the Steering Committee by a simple majority vote of Member Clubs within that region. Each region is responsible for selecting their Regional Representative prior to or at the AGM. Regions may be altered at an AGM.

9.3 Organisational Delegates

      Organisational Delegates shall be elected at the AGM. At least one delegate to any affiliated organisation must attend the Annual General Meeting or Annual Congress of that organisation.

9.4 Term

      The Steering Committee and Organisational Delegates will hold office for a period of approximately 2 years, taking office at an AGM. Half of the Regional Representatives and half of the Organisational Delegates shall be elected at each AGM.

9.5 Eligibility and Nomination

      To be eligible for election at the AGM, a candidate must submit a nomination stating that the candidate is a member in good standing of a Member Club and wishes to be considered for election to the Steering Committee, or be present at the Annual General Meeting as a registered Delegate of a Member Club and place his or her name in nomination at the meeting.

9.6 Resignation

      Any Steering Committee Member may resign in writing to the Secretary. Any Steering Committee Member who ceases to be a member of a Member Club shall be taken to have resigned as a Steering Committee Member.

9.7 Casual Vacancies

      The Steering Committee may fill any casual vacancy (including any position unfilled at an AGM) in its membership with any eligible individual. Any person so appointed will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. In all cases when appointing persons under this rule the Steering Committee must give strong consideration to the importance of equal representation on the Steering Committee of males and females.


10.1 Election of Officers

      The Steering Committee shall elect from among themselves officers of IFR for a period of one year at the AGM.

10.2 President

      The President shall preside at all IFR General, Special and Steering Committee Meetings and perform other duties as conferred by the Steering Committee.

10.3 Secretary

      The Secretary shall be the principal executive officer of IFR in whose name, unless in any particular instance the Steering Committee directs otherwise, IFR correspondence shall be carried on. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all General and Steering Committee Meetings.

10.4 Treasurer

      The Treasurer shall maintain the Register. The Treasurer shall ensure that proper accounts and books are kept showing the true financial position of IFR and the particulars usually shown in such books and will attend to all deposits in IFR accounts. The Treasurer shall so arrange IFR bank accounts such that the President, Secretary and the Treasurer are signatories, and the accounts can be operated on any two of the signatures. The Treasurer shall issue all invoices. The Treasurer shall submit a budget and a Financial Report at the AGM.


11. 1 Annual General Meeting

      IFR’s Annual General Meeting shall be held anytime within the calendar year. The business of the meeting shall be to present the report of the Steering Committee and accounts, to conduct elections, and to conduct such other business as may be specified in the notice of the meeting.

11.2 Special General Meetings

      Any meeting of Member Clubs other than the AGM and Steering Committee Meetings is a Special General Meeting. A Special General Meeting may be called by a resolution of the Steering Committee, which must so resolve to call a meeting upon receipt of a requisition of not less than 10 Member Clubs. The notice of meeting shall state the proposed business of the meeting and no business other than that given in the notice shall be transacted.

11.3 Steering Committee Meetings

      The Steering Committee shall meet as necessary to conduct IFR business.

11.4 Meeting Format

      Special General Meetings and Steering Committee Meetings may be held electronically.

11.5 President's Absence

      In the absence of the President, the Member Clubs present shall elect from among them a person to preside as chairperson at the meeting.

11.6 Notice and Quorum

      The Secretary shall give at least 28 days’ notice (60 days for Annual General Meetings) to all Member Clubs of any meeting. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall consist of the clubs represented by their delegates in attendance at the meeting and valid proxies. The quorum for Steering Committee Meetings shall be more than 50% of voting members of the Committee.

11.7 Other Attendees

      The auditor, solicitor and any other professional adviser of IFR or of any Steering Committee Member may attend any general meeting of Member Clubs. The President may permit other parties to attend and grant rights of audience to guests fairly but otherwise as it sees fit. General meetings will be open to any authorised delegate of a Member Club or to any Honorary Member.

11.8 Votes

      Each Member Club shall have a single vote on any poll. Unless a greater majority is required in any case under these rules, all matters at any meeting shall be resolved by a simple majority and in the event of an equality of votes the chair of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.

11.9 Proxy

      A Member Club may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at a meeting. Any appointment must be made in writing to the Secretary one week in advance of the meeting and is to be signed by the club officials making the appointment and the proxy. Each Member Club is limited to holding three proxies.


    Where in these rules notices are required to be sent to Member Clubs, they shall be deemed to be duly served if delivered by hand or sent electronically or by pre-paid post to the Member Club’s address shown in the Register. The date of receipt shall be deemed to be when it would be delivered in the ordinary course of post if sent by pre-paid post. It shall be entirely the responsibility of Member Clubs to inform the Secretary of any change to the mailing or electronic addresses shown in the Register. In the case of notices of meetings required by these rules, the accidental omission to provide a notice to any Member Club, or the non-receipt of such notice, shall not prejudice or invalidate the proceedings or decisions of such meetings.


    Any of these rules may be modified, altered or added to by a resolution of Member Clubs. IFR shall provide to all Member Clubs not less than 28 days before an AGM or Special General Meeting a copy of the proposed amendment. Upon the passing of the amendment by a two-thirds vote, the rules will be deemed to have been amended accordingly and all Member Clubs shall be bound by the amended rules. As soon as practicable IFR shall, at its expense, provide to each Member Club a copy of the amendment so passed.


    The Secretary shall ensure that all of IFR’s minute books, and the Treasurer shall ensure that IFR's books of accounts are available for inspection by any Member Club, upon reasonable notice and at a reasonable time and place. No Member Club may disseminate any information gained through inspection of IFR records without the written consent of the Steering Committee.


    Any dispute between Member Clubs in their capacity as such may be referred to the Steering Committee for a determination. If the Steering Committee is unable to settle the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties, any one of them may refer the matter to a vote at the next AGM or Special General Meeting of Member Clubs.


    IFR shall be considered dissolved with a two-thirds majority approval of the Steering Committee and two-thirds vote of approval by Member Clubs at the next AGM or a Special General Meeting. In such an event, all properties and possessions of IFR are to be sold, and all proceeds are to be used to pay all outstanding debts of IFR. All remaining assets including any endowments shall be disbursed to charitable organisations at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

adopted: 02/2006